Wedding Planner & Events Auckland

Why choose us?

I have 20 years in the floral Industry I can design and create something that YOU want; we will sit down see what your vision is, go and make a plan and create something unique for you.  We are currently designing an Arch that can be transported to different location safely hoping it will be ready for end of this year.

I have diploma Beauty Therapy and Nail Design also diploma in Wedding Make-up able to help with all these areas if needed with my experience you have everything at your finger tips. Our job is coordinate your Wedding Cake, Photograph Venue so everything goes smooth on the day.

We have a large selection of wedding venues in Auckland particularly in the West Auckland, I am sure we can find something to meet with you budget and theme.


STARTER PLAN – Want to do it yourself but need a plan and design, we will make sure you are on the right track, we will sit down with you make a plan and design and you can go ahead a do the rest yourself on the big.

Investment usually ranges between $1,000 –GST


FOUR WEEKS BEFORE- out to make sure everything you have worked so hard for is captured correctly and executed with ease on the day of your wedding.

We will get together and go through what has been planned, create a plan notify all suppliers that we will be the main contact for the day.

Investment usually ranges between $1,500 – $2,000 and GST


FULL PLANNING –want your wedding day to be the most amazing, too busy to add the stress of planning a wedding.  Aren’t sure on which venue suits your needs or which suppliers, we discuss your wedding and requirements colour pallet and theme of wedding

We can organize from the start to the big day help with cake, photography ,flowers & design and theme of wedding, on the day make sure everything comes together on big day

Investment usually ranges between $6,000 – $7,500 and GST